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Four Novels for Your Fall Reading List

If you’re looking for some great novels to read while you’re wearing a sweater and sipping a pumpkin spice latte, add these books  to your fall reading list. Created by Janice Boekhoff Professor of Paleontology Travis Perego faces a major conflict when he must reconcile his newfound Christian faith with …

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Six Things I Learned This Summer

With summer winding down, I’d like to share six things I learned during this season. (I’m borrowing and modifying this idea from my friend Bekah Shaffer, who dedicates a blog post each month to the things she’s learned. Check out what Bekah learned in August.) A website dedicated to telling …

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Odds or Obedience?

Why are you still single? Anyone who’s been single for a significant length of time has faced this question, and for each person the explanation is probably different. In my case, I believe God has asked me to be still and wait for him to provide a husband when the time …

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What I’m Reading: Snow out of Season

Christy Brunke crafts a compelling debut novel in Snow out of Season and weaves two storylines together with skill. In the first storyline, which takes place during modern day, drama teacher Shannon Henry and her physics teacher husband Wade have recently lost their baby daughter to SIDS. Then Shannon discovers …

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