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She’s Been Imprisoned. Tortured. Reconditioned. But She’s Never Forgotten the Truth.

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The Agitator: Behind the Story

Sometimes when I’m writing, my minor characters jump up and down and remind me that they have backstories too. In The Liberation, the second book in my Emancipation Warriors series, the following conversation takes place between the main character, Vivica, and her new friend, Agent Agatha Sparks. “What made you …

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What I’m Reading: Breeder by Casey Hays

Imagine your sole duty in life is to produce children for society, and you must spend your reproductive years breeding with a strange man. This is Kate’s plight in the dystopian novel, Breeder, by Casey Hays. The story begins on Kate’s sixteenth birthday, and she is facing the reality that …

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Five Secrets of The Liberation

This week I released the sequel to The First Principle—The Liberation. It is Book Two in my Emancipation Warriors series. I thought it would be fun to share five secrets, but don’t worry—there aren’t any plot spoilers. Vivica’s new alias is Fredrica Lloyd, and the name Fredrica means peace. I …

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