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The Making of a Writer: An Autobiography

My journey to becoming a writer started with reading. Every summer my local library’s reading program was a highlight because I could read and earn free books. I read so much that my mom would tell me to go outside and play. So, I did. I went to a swing, plopped down, and started reading. And swinging.
I always wanted books for my birthday and Christmas. Nancy Drew, Mandie, and Anne Shirley were some of my favorite heroines.

Doesn't my little brother look amused that I'm excited about the new books I got for my birthday?

Doesn’t my little brother look amused that I’m excited about the new books I got for my birthday?









In high school, I was still a reader, but my focus was on music. I played the piano, sang in show choir, and had roles in musicals.

High School Show Choir!

High School Show Choir!

Then I grew up, went to Taylor University, and decided to be an elementary teacher. When I student taught, I didn’t like teaching elementary school, even though the kids were sweet and cute. This was not a fun revelation. Since I’d added a middle school language arts endorsement to my degree, I also student taught in middle school and liked it. Crisis averted. Middle school kids aren’t needy, they don’t tattle five hundred twenty-six times per day, and they’re fun.

I’ve been teaching 7th grade since 2003. I’ve been told I’m known for my clothes and my hair. So much for my inspiring lessons on participles and infinitives.

Through all of this, it never occurred to me to be a writer. It took five years before I became the clichéd English teacher harboring secret dreams of being published. After dabbling in writing during my summer breaks, I decided I’d better learn the craft of writing because being a teacher does not prepare one for becoming a writer. I took classes with the Christian Writers Guild, read books about writing, attended conferences, and began writing my first novel.

When I have time, I like baking and entertaining, which is why my friends have been known to call me Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker. I prefer the label Ree Drummond because I want to  live on a ranch with a handsome cowboy husband of my own.

I like to travel. I visited Russia while on tour with the Taylor University Chorale. London captured my heart during a study trip in college.

Taylor University Chorale Tour 2001

Taylor University Chorale Tour 2001

I play golf. Inconsistently. It will remain a secret if that adverb is describing my skills or indicating how often I play.

Marissa Golf Picture

Yes, I sometimes golf the easy way and use a cart.


The Official Biography


Marissa Shrock is a survivor of many awkward blind dates and many years of teaching middle school. Both provide excellent inspiration for her fictional yarns.

Since childhood, she’s loved to read a variety of genres, so her own work includes dystopian thrillers and cozy mysteries. She’s the author of the Emancipation Warriors Series and the Georgia Rae Winston Mystery Series. Her debut novel, The First Principle, was a Carol Award Finalist.

Marissa enjoys playing golf, building elaborate LEGO creations, and traveling to new places. Her home is in Indiana, where she’s surrounded by corn and soybean fields.

The professional photos of Marissa used on this website are courtesy of Jenni Mansell Photography.

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