The Agitator: Behind the Story

eBOOK_AGITATORSometimes when I’m writing, my minor characters jump up and down and remind me that they have backstories too. In The Liberation, the second book in my Emancipation Warriors series, the following conversation takes place between the main character, Vivica, and her new friend, Agent Agatha Sparks.

“What made you want to join the Emancipation Warriors?” I asked.

“I spent my teenage years at the Great Plains Academy for Children and Young Adults—a fancy name for a reeducation center,” Agatha said.

I cringed. “I’m sorry.”

In those few lines, a new tale emerged. I had to know what Agatha’s life was like before the Emancipation Warriors—and how she survived the corrupt reeducation center. I explored her story and learned her harrowing experience tested the Christian faith her parents had passed down to her.

Agatha’s backstory became my latest release, which is an e-book entitled, The Agitator. It’s a companion novella to the books in my Emancipation Warriors series, and it’s written in Agatha’s point of view.

This dystopian thriller begins two months before The First Principle (Emancipation Warriors Book 1) starts. It ends four months before The First Principle concludes. Major events that take place in the United Regions of North America during that time are included in both books.

The reader gets a glimpse of a poor citizen’s life in the United Regions of North America because unlike Vivica, Agatha did not come from a family with money—or power.

 I’m glad I took the time to learn more about Agatha, and who knows? There may be more of her story to explore in the future.

To learn more about The Agitator, click here.

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