What I’m Reading: Angelhood

Angelhood2 500x750Nanette is a teenager overwhelmed by difficult circumstances. She dreams of studying theater, but her college of choice rejects her. Then, her best friend is killed in a car accident—that’s Nanette’s fault.

Deciding the world will be better off without her, Nanette finds her mother’s gun, pulls the trigger, hears a high-pitched scream, and immediately regrets her decision.

Soon Nanette discovers she’s in her angelhood and is the guardian angel for Vera, a girl who’s contemplating suicide. Nanette must try to stop Vera from taking her own life.

Angelhood by A.J. Cattapan is young adult fiction that tackles the tough topic of teen suicide. One of the most important aspects of the story is the remorse Nanette feels once she goes through with the act. This is an important theme that will resonate with many readers. In addition, Cattapan creates a unique story world showcasing the guardian angel realm that is imaginative and entertaining.

Prior to reading the book, I was uneasy about the concept of a human being becoming a guardian angel. However, this story is a work of fiction, and when I read the novel, my concerns abated.

Overall, I enjoyed Angelhood and recommend it because it’s an intriguing story that affirms the value of human life.

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