What I’m Reading: The Methuselah Project

If you’re looking for an exciting read, check out The Methuselah Project by Rick Barry. This novel is the story of World War II pilot Roger Greene. When Roger’s plane crashes inside of Germany, he’s taken captive. Nazi doctors perform a medical experiment that transforms Roger into a Methuselah man—a human whose aging process is slowed and whose healing process is accelerated. However, he’s not immortal.

When the war ends, a secret group known as the Heritage Organization forms out the ashes of the Third Reich and still wields influence in the modern world. This clandestine group is determined to change the world and is responsible for Roger’s seventy-year captivity. If Roger hopes to survive, he must escape and elude members of the Heritage Organization who want to silence him.

This novel is fast paced, has plenty of intrigue, and there’s also a thread of romance. I found myself agonizing over Roger’s plight. Plus I enjoyed that this book has history, suspense, and even a touch of science fiction. I couldn’t put the book down, so I highly recommend The Methuselah Project.

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